Hamburger (2009)
Tako-yaki (2009)
Doughnut (2009)

The boy is recalled with the coming of summer.
However, never forget boy's mind.


There is a life to enjoy it.
Let's relax more.


When you drink,what do you think about?
Is it work? Is it a famiiy?
Or is it a dream?


What will I do my best for?
For a company?
For a famiiy?
Or for a dream?



Congratulations on your New Son!



DOUTOR Cafe au Lait

Chocolate tip muffin (2007)
Cuban X-Giants

Sunglasses (2007)


Hersheys syrup

Put a lime in corona beer (2007)

Blue jeans of Maverick (2007)
money box
66motor oil can type

Pork lunceon meat

80fs Pepsi-Cola (2007)
Fernandes FYB-70 E.yazawa model (2007)
The photograph frame which I turned down.
Days of embarrassed youth. (2007)
Houseplant MONSTERA

Hair mousse (2007)
Time is, time was, and time is past.

Sunglasses (2007)
Let's abandon the cigarette
butt in an ashtray.

Smoking is highy addictive,
donft start.

gas cigarette lighter (2007)
Mosquit coils
Beginning to use.

Mosquit coils
A close end. (2007)
UCHIWA - round fan -

Matche (2007)
The thunderhead which floats
in the sky of the summer

On a fine day,
I put up water to a flower (2007)
A T-shirt.
It is yellow like a sunflower.

I wear a beach sandal and will go to the sea.
The world where a robot plays an active part (2007)
which I ate in childhood

My dream is a major leaguer (2007)
The crab which I boiled

Miso soup.
Japanese breakfast. (2007)
On the cold day, this is delicious

A hot baked sweet potato (2007)
Rosehip tea
I will drink tea in afternoon

Give me strawberry candy (2007)
The hat which a man put on with the photograph of the record jacket.

Sweet-sour green apple (2007)
Milk Caramel (2007)
Marble chocotate (2007)
Wasabi & red pepper (2007)